Frank Wall, Trainer

Frank has been a Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant since 2007.

His most recent updated certifications are February, 2013 through the National Association of Fitness Certifications (NAFC) and June, 2013 through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). In September of 2014, he received two more specializations through (NASM) including the Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) & the Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES).

His mission is to provide his clients with the education, guidance, resources, and continuous support needed to fulfill their individual fitness and nutrition needs.

Melissa Joy, Trainer

Melissa and her husband Tom and their two very busy kids live in Suwanee.  Melissa grew up a dancer, but was far from an example of a healthy lifestyle.  She never learned what a healthy lifestyle really was until she was an adult.  She struggled with food and body image issues for a good bit of her 20’s, but still found it quite easy to maintain body weight.  After 2 kids and an unsuccessful attempt to establish a better relationship with food she decided to do something about it and joined agym in August 2009.  She wanted to be an example of a healthy lifestyle to her children, and not just preach it; as well as make herself happier and healthier.  She began working out regularly and eating better and was hooked to a new lifestyle. Melissa began competiting in woman’s figure and physique in 2010 and now holds two World Natural Bodybuilding Federation pro cards. 


With the push from friends and family she took the plunge and got her personal training certification and started a new career. She loves being a role model and inspiration for others.   Melissa says, “I realized with simple lifestyle changes we can all be happier and healthier.  In my 40’s I am in the best shape of my life and proof that with hard work, dedication and consistency you can achieve the physique you desire at any age.”  Her passion lies in the role and power of nutrition to help meet goals. She is an ISSA certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.


Christal Chochran, Trainer

Certified: NASM, CPR/AED
Years in Industry: 2.5 years
Specialty: Athletic performance, weight loss & nutrition
About Me: I am married to my college sweetheart and we have a beautiful, smart & sassy six year old daughter.  As with any young child, life is crazy and hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I LOVE being her mom and watching her grow.  Family is most important to me. I'm incredibly blessed! Fitness is my passion. I love to see people set goals for themselves and reach them. Being able to help them along the way is just an added bonus. 
Favorite Exercises: Deadlifts, Squats & Pull-ups
Most Challenging Aspect of Fitness: Running. I only run if I have to!
A Memorable Client Achievement: Helping a client not only transform her body and lose weight but also completely change her lifestyle and build self confidence. 


Allison Johnston, Trainer

I received my personal training certification through NASM in 2011.  I followed up with a certification in RIDE (cycling) through MOSSA shortly after that.  I specialize in pre and post natal exercise. I have three young children who keep me constantly on my toes but I wouldn't have it any other way. They are the light of my life. I have an insatiable passion for all things fitness. I love music, dancing, reading, cooking and baking.

My favorite exercises are hip thrusts, deadlifts and pull-ups.  The most challenging part of fitness, I find for almost anyone, is the nutrition. The direct relationship food has with the work you put into exercise is not always easily understood. I truly enjoy helping people understand this correlation and make necessary changes to compliment their goals. One of my most memorable clients was someone who certainly didn't understand this food relationship. She just had her 2nd child when we started training and she had gained 60 pounds during pregnancy. Through our time together I was able to help her stop thinking of always being on a diet and realize she was simply making lifestyle changes she could deal with when it came to food. She worked hard and lost 50 pounds in 6 months. The sense of accomplishment she felt was unparalleled. These kinds changes and success make my job so very rewarding and exciting to look forward to each day.


Tyler Boldt, Trainer

Years in industry: 1 year
Specialty: Sports training / Strength conditioning
I played baseball for 15 years and ended it playing in college. I enjoy the outdoors- hunting, fishing, hiking
Favorite exercises: power cleans and squats
Most challenging aspect of fitness: patience and self-discipline
A memorable client achievement: Past female client received 3rd place in first figure competition.

Richard Samuel, Trainer

Certified: NSCA
Years in Industry: 3 years
Specialty: Technical football position and speed training
About Me: I am passionate about using what I was blessed with to help others get to where they want to go. I was fortunate to start collage at 16, play at a D1 school UGA, graduated at 21 and played with the Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, and NY Jets. 
Favorite Exercises: Ab workout
Most Challenging Aspect of Fitness: Getting clients to see that they have the potential to achieve every and anything they want to, they just have to want it had enough. 
Favorite Quote: "If you're willing to put in the work, no one can tell you what you can or can't do."