Not all training is created equal. And that's a good thing.

Our personal training programs are unmatched. We have some of Georgia's best trainers to lead you toward your fitness goals, helping guide your nutrition, workouts, and following your progress every step of the way. If you prefer one-on-one training, we have a fantastic rate for your needs. Some people prefer working out in a group, and we understand that as well; with Semi-Private (2 people) to total Group Training (3+) options, you can pick and choose your session style and maximize your return on fitness.

Private Training
1-on-1 coaching

Individualized training focused on educating the proper technique and form of corrective exercise. Sessions are a minimum of 1 hour and are part of a customized program geared towards the next 6-8 months based on how your body move, performs and feels. Workouts are pre-planned and can be emailed upon request. The initial assessment will include measurements of body fat and girth to track progress every few months to help tailor your routine based on how your body changes.

Advice and recommendations will be given on building your workout routine from training sessions, classes offered at Georgia Fitness to certain doctors to visit/or therapeutic measures to implement based on your assessment of your current physical condition.


Semi-private Training
2 person coaching

For those who find inspiration working out together (looking at you couples) we offer Semi-Private training. The training will be similar to 1-on-1 coaching, but will feature a break on price. This is a great way to workout with a friend or family member and reach your goals together.


Group Training
3+ person coaching

Do not feel like you will be experiencing a watered-down version of our training with our Group Training package. This is still our powerful, structured package -- just now including 2 or more of your fellow workout partners.

Depending on your choice of package, you will receive 1-2 individualized personal training sessions a month with a combination of group classes. This is a great price point and package for someone who needs to watch and learn the correct form, while being able to participate in group workouts more often.


Meal Plan

Using the free MyFitness Pal app, the initial plan is based on modifying your current eating habits. Detailed information on when, how much, what times, what foods you eat and supplements/medications you take over the course of 3 days will help build out your nutrition regimen. The more specifics there are about your food pairings, the clearer we can be about what changes need to be made to your meal plan. Healthy recipes, sample meal templates and a supplement guide will all be created based on what you like, don't like and a few things you can compromise on.


As your body changes, your food should also change. You should generally be changing your eating/exercise habits every 4-6 weeks. If you don't adhere to your original plan, it can take much longer for you to notice results. It's important that you stat consistent as possible with your healthy eating plan. When you get your body to a new level of fitness, you should be eating differently as you can easily adapt to certain food patterns. It can be easy to hit plateaus, so monitoring and changing food/workouts monthly can insure that you can never get stuck in a rut.

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